Able to deliver ecstasy on a grand scale, Penelope Pan
represents the prize of all prizes, especially to
Captain Simon Hook, a murderous pirate who would give
his soul (if he had one) to possess her.

Penelope Pan

A cross between Comedy Central, Fifty Shades of Grey,
and Alex in Wonderland, this erotic satire pairs
a miserably married writer, Zack Bartholomew, with his
Goddess of Inspiration, Penelope Pan,
the woman every man longs to find.

Simon Hook—a pirate notorious for stripping men of their
testicles—captures the lovelorn Zack as a way to trap
Penelope Pan, a golden-haired goddess determined to free
the writer from his earthly woes via sex and
PBD (Plum Blossom Dust), a hallucinogenic that also burns carbs.

Zachary Lancelot Amadeus Bartholomew,

a henpecked husband and failed writer, is
whisked from a duplex in Glendale to Netherland,
a universe both dark and magical—half of it ruled by
Penelope Pan and the Lost Girls, the other half ruled
by cutthroat pirates and vicious outlaws.

Billed as the Greatest Perversion in the Universe, Captain Hook's
Blood Sun Extravaganza would surely be the ratings hit
of the reality show season, an Olympics of Erotica
guaranteed to horrify, titillate and arouse.

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